Abel Tasman National Park


Tasman is well known for the Tasman Bay which is named after the explorer Abel Tasman. The region also features the Maruia Falls and three great national parks. The region does not have a large population (only 1,1% of the entire New Zealand population). This is not much of a problem because it means the environment is well preserved. It makes for a great ride through the region!


Nelson is a city that is known for its absolute stunning national parks and the place to go biking. It was rated by IMBA as a Gold Ride Centre which there are only six of in the world. So if you are into biking and exploring national parks, Nelson should absolutely be on your bucketlist.

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Image by Markus Koljonen

Abel Tasman National Park

The national park Abel Tasman is well known for it’s beautiful beaches and great areas to explore either by Kayak or by foot. It’s worth going for a short walk down by the beach to really take in the beauty of the national park.

The national park is named after the first European explorer to sight New Zealand and who anchored nearby in the Golden Bay. There is quite some history behind the national park which is, if you are interested, worth delving into.

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