Motorcycle Rental Queenstown

Motorcycle Rental

From: 275.00

Book your motorcycle rental for only 89 NZD a day after the first day!

Motorcycle Rental out of Queenstown; Rent a Honda XL650V Transalp!

First day; 399 NZD
Every day after; 89 NZD

Bond: 2500 NZD
For an additional 25 NZD/day you can limited the bond to 1000 NZD
Includes Tax, Insurance & Unlimited Kilometres

For example; 20 day’s rental with a normal bond; 399+19x99=2280 NZD


The best motorcycle

The Honda XL650V Transalp can do it all; perfect cornering, comfortable touring and taking all the gravel roads. The V-twin gives plenty of power, taking a passenger is no problem.


Go anywhere you want

You are on an all-road motorcycle so you wish to take any road you want right? We don’t bother if you take the small gravel roads and cross some rivers. If you feel comfortable; just do it!


Great location

We are located right next to the Queenstown airport. So if you plan your things right you could drive of from the terminal.



Because we have 18 of the same types of motorcycles we can be pretty flexible.


Lowest Price

Compare our prices to other motorbike rental companies, it won’t get any cheaper than this…


In case of minor damage...

Technically we keep our bikes in perfect conditions. Optical we don’t mind some scratches, which means we won’t charge you for this either. How many other rental companies say that?


In case of a breakdown...

We have 18 Honda Transalp 650’s. So in the unlucky event of a major breakdown we always have the same spare bike for you.


Our Style

As you can see we like the adventurous style, and what we offer is unique in New Zealand. If you like to ride a brand new BMW on just the asphalt roads you probably prefer a different kind of style ;-).