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Canterbury is the largest region of New-Zealand, located in the central-eastern South Island. The region covers an area of 44,508 kilometers and has a population of over 585.000. The region has beautiful planes and splendid roads to ride on. Not to mention the largest mountain: Aoraki Mount Cook.

The largest city in Canterbury is Christchurch with more than 60% of the population living in this city. This city will also be visited during the trip as it is not only a large city but also a beautiful one. Canterbury was also the filming location for the Lord of the Rings. The area featured the city of Edoras and Rohan for those familiar with the movies.

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Southland is the southern most region of New-Zealand. It contains New-Zealand’s highest waterfall: the Browne Falls. The deepest lake of New-Zealand can also be found here named: Lake Hauroko. Southland is dominated by mountains, fjords and glacial lakes plains and farmlands. This makes for a beautiful region.

Southland is the most sparsely populated region of New-Zealand with a population of only 97,300. The largest part of the population lives in the plains which makes many areas in Southland unpopulated. The environment is therefore well preserved and it is a privelege to be able to ride through these areas.

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Otago is the third largest region of New Zealand. In the west there are many mountains including Mount Aspiring, the highest peak in Otago. There are many glacial lakes around this area as well. In the east the region is dominated with grasslands. This is where the majority of the population lives.

The towns Cromwell and Queenstown are the largest towns in this region and they are surrounded by mountains, preventing cold winds from reaching the towns.

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West Coast

West Coast is one of the most remote and most sparsely populated areas of New Zealand. Because the area is so remote and sparsely populated, exploring the place almost feels like you are on an uninhabited island. There is a lot of magnificent places to discover in the West Coast including the Franz Josef Glacier and the beautiful beaches.

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Tasman is well known for the Tasman Bay which is named after the explorer Abel Tasman. The region also features the Maruia Falls and three great national parks. The region does not have a large population (only 1,1% of the entire New Zealand population). This is not much of a problem because it means the environment is well preserved. It makes for a great ride through the region!

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