Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question regarding the trip, you can check this FAQ for an answer. In case the FAQ does not answer your question, feel free to contact us. We will be constantly updating the FAQ to ensure that all questions you might have are answered. In case you notice that a frequently asked question is missing, feel free to contact us as well.

For more information on terms & conditions, you can check our Terms & Conditions page.

Can I join the tour on my own motorcycle or can I rent one somewhere else?
Sure! Renting one of our Motorcycles is optional. You just book and pay the tour.
I have a diet/allergy, can you cook a special dish for me?
Sure, please tell us in advance so we have some time to prepare.
What does all-inclusive mean?

We cook dinner and make you breakfast. We also arrange all the campsites, tents, sleeping matrasses, drinks, luggage transport and tables and chairs. You can count on On-road service as well.

What do I have to bring on this trip?
You have to bring your own sleeping bag (Hygienic reasons) and pillow (optional) Also make sure to bring your own motorcycle gear and helmet.
Can you buy special groceries for me during the trip?
If there is anything you crave for (chocolate or liquor for example) you can let us know and we’ll be happy to get it for you. Also, if you are a splendid cook back home and you would like to share one of your recipes with us we are more than happy to try.
Why the Honda Transalp 650?

We think this is the best motorcycle for NZ roads. It`s light, reliable and performs perfect on all roads. Since the maximum speed limit in New Zealand is 100Km/h 650cc is more than enough. The transalp xl650v is a LAMS approved motorcycle, which means it can be driven by someone on a restricted licence. Als important, It also has a comfortable passenger’s seat.

What is not included?

You also have to buy your own fuel and we advise you have a travel insurance.

Can I go my own way?

Tour; During the day you can eyther choose to join some other riders or ride your own way. In the evening everybody meets again at the same campsite.

Motorcycle rental; Sure, you’re free to go anywhere!

Can I book for a shorter amount of time?
Only if you join us with your own motorcycle or rent one elsewhere.
Do you supply Motorcycle gear?
No we don`t. Best is to bring your own or buy it from one of the local stores.
How old are your bikes and how many do you have?

Our motorcycles are on average 10 years old, are well maintained and we carry many spare parts. We own 18 bikes.

What are the motorcycle licence requirements?

To be able to hire our motorcycles, you must hold a full or restricted motorcycle licence which allows you to ride a motorcycle in your own country. We don’t have an age minimum, you could be as young as 18!

Would you cancel a tour if there's insufficient numbers?
No. We will never cancel a tour, so you can book your flights with confidence. In the highly unlikely event of just one motorcycle booking, we give you the option to cancel with a 100 percent refund or have a fully private tour.
What if it rains?
We hope we don’t ever have to use it but if it rains we will set up a big tent. Enough space for everyone to enjoy his or her meal in dry conditions.
Are there any road restrictions?

No, unlike other rental companies we allow you to ride on every road that you feel comfortable to ride! We don’t allow rides on the beach though, salt and sand damage can corrode metal and moving parts.